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Now owned and operated by Jeremy Loy; a second generation of Loy family ownership.  Fred’s Village Market in Waunakee, Wisconsin, was first owned by Connie Blau in the early 1970’s.  Jeremy’s father, Fred Loy, worked at Fred’s Village Market for many of those years before purchasing the business in 2005.  Fred operated the business under the name of Fred’s Village Market.

Unfortunately, Fred passed away suddenly in April 2016 leaving Jeremy in charge; however, Jeremy’s butcher expertise was cutting deer in the family garage and occasionally helping out at Fred’s Village Market.  On the day his dad passed, Jeremy took care of business in the morning and immediately started working in the market in the afternoon.  Realizing he knew little about running the entire operation, he was able to turn to Phil Schiltz a long-time employee who had been there for 30 years.  Phil is credited for both being a great guy to have around and for working 7 days a week, as well.

At the time of Fred Loy’s passing, the family wasn’t sure what they were going to do exactly.  Initially helping the family was Jeremy’s first thoughts; things kinds of evolved into an opportunity.  The community told him that they didn’t want to see one of Waunakee’s oldest continuing businesses disappear; this was the attitude the younger Loy shared.

Jeremy wanted to see his dad’s legacy continue; his mother, Joan Loy, owns the business and eventually Jeremy will buy her out.  He has since invested many hours learning and honing his meat cutting skills.  Loy still uses the recipes that originated in Germany.  People in Waunakee love the recipes and old fashioned service.  Jeremy really enjoys the relationships he creates with the customers.

The Loy family tries to keep it as local as possible when it comes to sourcing their meats and other fresh foods and we maintain long-standing business relationships with many of the area bars and restaurants.

Jeremy Loy often says he couldn’t be happier he chose to keep the doors open and the traditions alive at Fred’s Village Market in Waunakee, Wisconsin; aka ‘The Only Waunakee in the World’.

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